Saturday, 19 August 2017


Holidays with grandparents - and the first for Esther. Lots of catching up with family and friends, and even some rest. All good fun.

First big trip in the big car with a big load of luggage!

Treats at Brechin Castle. Highly recommended.
Treats for parents too!

Treats at Granny's house. Also highly recommended.

Naomi dances to keep Esther entertained


I was amused by this appropriate sign.

I love this picture. The girls did have lots of fun.

New toys to play on...

 I don't remember park toys being this good when I was small!

Yet more spinning...

...and more

My parents have their golden wedding anniversary later this year. Naturally this is an occasion for a family gathering - here are all the grandchildren.

...and here are the hard-working photographers! (my sister and family)
The celebration itself

Trip to Aden park with Grandparents means ice cream of course!

And some more park toys, this time with added mud.

This is actually a real toy. Hold on for dear life and SPIN! Then fall off and "AGAIN AGAIN"

The visit to my parents also meant time with cousins, during with Naomi and Miriam in particular were hardly to be seen.
These are some musical instruments they made one day. I love the guitar!

cousin mealtime

Miriam learned how to swing by herself on this holiday. Every time she jumped on a swing and got a little better - with the result of real joy!

Well, why wouldn't you cover yourself in starts just before bedtime?

Miriam drew a butterfly and a wand.

Esther is learning how to hold on to toys.

More park fun!

and more park fun...

Happy baby!

more treats on the way home

It wouldn't be summertime without rolling down a hill

Lydia doing some outdoor dancing


Esther has been starting to find her voice recently. If you'll be patient enough to wait for the odd noises coming from me, here is a good example! She often wakes us up in the morning with these sounds.

Maybe it helps that her sisters provide lots of voices for her to listen to. Here's Lydia trying out a song of her own.

Miriam Counting

Ahead of Miriam starting school (IN THREE DAYS!) I thought it would be good to share this from last month - she had a go at writing out her numbers and has done a pretty good job!


Those who helped us move in will be most impressed by this picture...

Yes, all the stuff has gone! Okay, some is in out loft/shed/friends shed, but it's now clear and we have approval from the Council to proceed with turning the garage into the long-awaited playroom. If you look closely the sparkies have already been in to do their first bit, and we're now waiting on the others who will be coming in the next few weeks to make it happen. Exciting.

Sunday, 30 July 2017


The girls have been wanting to go on a train for some time, so last week we went on a day trip to Glasgow. We went to Pizza Express for lunch, and the Riverside Museum (mostly about transport). The latter also has a tall ship to explore, sand pits, and lots of nice activities for children (Naomi really liked the "pretend street", Miriam and Lydia got to do some firefighting). A very fun day, but rounded of with a spectacular bout of sickness from Lydia which meant we got home VERY late. Oh well.

Train based excitement...


Naomi added the stickers to this bag, I thought it was quite good.
At the museum

The important part of the day. Candy floss and ice cream.

Tired girls at the end of the day.

More travels

Really there has been too much travelling this year! Labs 2 and 3 of the Digital Economy Crucible have been and gone, with a night in Edinburgh last month, and two night in London this past week. All in all a good experience, but very tiring. I'm part of a bit for a new project with some people from Manchester and Swansea, so we'll see how that goes. I also met a couple of people who I share some research interests with and are very nice to work with, as well as getting to know some folk from Stirling a bit better too. All in all a very good outcome.

One of many!

Spectacular view from Edinburgh hotel window...

... okay, the other window was better.

Another free duck! I got one at Scottish Crucible lab 2 as well.
Lots of this kind of thing! This is a possible project I might work on some time.

The lab last week was hosted in the Digital Catapult Centre in London, which has a spectacular view of St Pancras Station. It's also at 101 Euston Road, so one risks disappearing there!

Also a nice view of other part of London.

That's the centre, the glass bit on top.