Saturday, 13 January 2018

Catch up

As it's a new year, let's catch up on the other things we omitted to blog about in 2017...

Quite some time ago now I bought a shed, so we had somewhere to put all the stuff that was in the garage.
Miriam helped me choose one - but she was also quite taken by this play house! Maybe some time.

Bed is a dangerous business and needs protective gear! 
Choo choo!
Admiring the view from their (then new) bedroom

Naomi made a stained glass window for her bedroom

Three years ago I was taking Naomi to nursery on my way to work, and she picked up this twig for me. It's still on my desk!
Naomi photobombing a picture I was taking of Lydia

...that's better!

Now Pancake Saturday alternates with Waffle Saturday!


Lydia is getting good at drawing - she drew her family in creche at church

Here we are

Lydia also isn't totally decided on which way up she prefers to sleep.

World's biggest strawberry! We didn't grow this one.

The girls also now like to make tents in their bunk bed.

Getting ready for the garage conversion, we temporarily rehomed some furniture in a friend's shed. Here comes the benefit of Kevin's enormous size. that's a full height warddrobe, drawers, blanket box and a parcel trolley in there, with no hassle at all. Well, I thought that was pretty good.

Our little paddling pool is no longer big enough for so many children, so we got an upgrade near the end of the summer. No doubt it'll see a bit more use in 2018.

I gather that is a campfire.

I just like the expression Esther has here 

Button jar full - treat town!

No comment :)

Starting to make use of the play room. Of course, screens already make an appearance.

Treat town! Well done Lydia.

Jay went away for the weekend shortly after Miriam's birthday. Here we are trying out one of Miriam's birthday presents. Lots of fun!

Of course the cups also double up for magic tricks. Miriam invented this one herself!

While Jay was away we had a traumatic hour where we went to the school playground with bikes and all managed to injure ourselves (except me) - snack time was instigated to bring an end to the CRYING from all parties involved.

Guess who's moved to the big table!


Some nice dolly play


Naomi made a microphone so she could interview Miriam. The interview was extensive and detailed. Forensic even.

More high quality drawing.

Some cool looking clouds from my office.

Treat town - McDonalds ice cream!

This picture was in my "not yet blogged" directory but I'm sure I've posted it before. Anyway, it's Miriam from just before her 4th birthday looking very beautiful.

Christmas 2017

Time for a little catch up on Christmas...

First, the church Christmas party!

There's a stowaway hiding under the table...

Prizes! Our girls were quite successful in their party game playing

This was meant to be a picture of Miriam!
That's better.

Lydia got a present from Santa - a book with the Wheels on the Bus words, but also a track to run a wind up bus around! Brilliant. It also supplanted her Dora The Explorer book as her every night bedtime read.

This is how decorated my office got. Still more festive than last year - thanks to Paul who now sits facing me behind those screens.

Almost no pictures of the school nativity this year as we were sitting right near the back. Two girls in the show this year, both animals in the stable! We got this picture from Miriam's teacher of her dressed as a bird. Naomi was a pig.

Now, ready to go off on holidays...

Having fun at Granny and Grandad's house

Every year the girls get to make their own placemats for dinner. This is Naomi's Nativity one

Miriam went for a classic star.

Making gingerbread men to occupy the waiting time during Christmas Eve

Off to bed soon...

Then presents time!

This is a book, that is also a board game, that is also a pirate ship! Brilliant.

Now off to Grandma and Grandad's house, and lots of cousins too...

What's more, it snowed while we were there. Hooray - lots of excitement for us (Stirling doesn't get much snow) and the girls' cousins who live in London (which doesn't get much snow either!)

I just like this picture.

Fun in the snow... 

We also took the chance of extra childcare to get Naomi a haircut. She has been looking to have a fringe for some time...

Doesn't she look grown up?

Some crafty pictures... 

And lots of trips to the park. That snow is actually ice!
We had a follow on trip with sledging which was brilliant!

Then it was my birthday. Naomi organised the party games, and did an excellent job.

Finally, just some rest before heading home.