Saturday 31 January 2015


On to another work trip, to COW38 at UCL in London. This was two days of training in statistics. Very informative indeed, and more interesting than you might think!

I also got a quick visit to my sister Heather in, and my parents were able to stay until a few hours before I returned to Stirling so Jay wasn't too tired with childcare. All in all, a successful trip.

View from the hotel window of a dreich London.

The room where all Crest Open Workshops happen.

Yes, there's still a COW. Yes, it remains throughout proceedings.


Naomi's fourth birthday was last weekend. She's been telling everyone for all of the past week now that she's FOUR. This childhood business does pass by quickly!

For the day, we had my parents visiting, my cousin Ashley come over for a wee bit, and Naomi had a bit of a party for her friends Eloisa and Bailey. It was great watching them play together for a couple of hours - Jay had a constant stream of activities planned (somehow fitted into all that time she doesn't have) and they had a great time.

Birthday girl first thing in the morning. Mummy and Daddy are tired due to Miriam having the sickness. This smile makes a lot of things better though.

Lydia is keen to make her congratulations known.

Whoopee! Presents!


I do feel like our house is currently sponsored by Frozen.

Miriam had a bit of a lie-in, but nevertheless was excited when she did get up.

What fun!

More presents!

How's this for beautiful?
Better? Guess what, the dress is MUSICAL...


Yes, Naomi got birthday flowers. She was beyond herself with these.
Cake making

Sculpting continues

and some colouring...

A Frozen themed cake

Ready for a birthday lunch and obligatory musical rights violation...

followed by the cakes made earlier



And some particularly advanced Lego construction. Helped by Ashley, Naomi did a great job of this.
She continues to do well...
Babies enjoyed the party too...

New toothbrush and a new onesie. Bedtime just got awesome.

Naomi has been very good about her recent intake of new clothes, and thought that maybe Miriam would like some of the ones that were now too small. Miriam physically leapt out of the bath when the prospect of getting this nightie came up.

Grandparents visiting means babysitters... time for a hard-earned rest for the end of the day. 

Saturday 24 January 2015

My Dearest Baby Girl...


It is time once again to write you a letter, to tell an older you about what you like and what you are like.  I have a confession to make, last year when I wrote your letter I was struggling.  I found being mummy to a nearly three year old incredibly challenging and sometimes I felt like I wasn't doing a very good job but as I came to write this letter I realised that those feeling have passed that I find a huge amount of joy in being your Mummy and watching you grow, learn and interact with the world.

You are very much enjoying being a "big girl" just now.  You told me recently to stop calling you "baby girl" because you are a big girl.  You know what darling, you *are* a big girl. A beautiful big girl and you can do so much.  You can get dressed all by yourself, you can eat with a grown up knife and fork, you can write your name without any help and you can even climb into the bath all on your own.  That said, you are very sure of what you want, so just because you *can* do those things doesn't mean you choose to!

I am loving watching you learn to read and write, I am not sure I will ever tire of watching this skill develop and you are so hungry to learn more.

Books are one of the few things that make you sit still (although not for long).

You also love drawing (this was a monster eating ants)

In fact you love crafting of all kinds, this was a house for your barbie

You love to dance, you love going to your ballet classes and all the girliness that comes with it.  My favourite place to watch you dance is in Church when dancing is your act of worship for the God you are getting to know.  You've told us many times that you are thankful for Jesus in your heart and this brings me more happiness than I think you will ever understand.

It's not just dancing though, you love to be on the move

I think, though, one of your best giftings is being a big sister.  You and Miriam love each other dearly

and you are so happy to play with Lydia too

You continue to love all things pink. If it comes in more than one colour, you want it in pink. You love all the girly things and will always make sure you look fabulous!

This next year ahead will see you grow so much more.  This year will see you start school! I know you are ready for the challenge. I will worry about you so much because as I told you the day you told me to stop calling you baby girl, you will always be my baby girl but you are my big girl too. My beautiful, loving, caring, creative, energetic, passionate, empathetic, determined big girl.

Let's go get this year together, let's see what we can do.  I think with you at the helm that the sky will literally be our limit!

Thursday 22 January 2015


A few more pictures from the past couple of weeks...

Given that it's winter, one wouldn't have expected picnics to be so popular, but they are.

We don't know which of the girls did this but we liked it. Naomi and Miriam are often giving their toys to Lydia to play with, it's very sweet. Miriam even offered her cat a few days ago.

Wednesday 21 January 2015

First haircut!

Naomi's hair has been looking for a while like it could do with a tidy up and I have been thinking that Miriam might suit shorter hair, so we went to the hairdressers for both the girls to get done.  Both were very good and sat nice and still for the lady to do their hair

Miriam waiting her turn

Naomi shows Miriam what to do

Miriam does good sitting
Miriam admires the end result

Naomi also looking great (if suffering slightly from being made to wear a hat home to protect her from the negative temperatures outside!)