Tuesday 15 December 2020

Esther's art

 Esther has suddenly become very good at pictures! Here are a few of her creations.

Monday 14 December 2020

Brownie Camp

 Naomi and Miriam were meant to be on Brownie camp this year, but of course, that hasn't happened. Instead we had a weekend of Zoom meetings and activities, with a "camp" setup in their bedrooms. I think it still worked pretty well. They had fun, anyway...

The little two were very keen to not be left out, so they got a camp too.

Sunday 13 December 2020

Christmas Prep

 It'll be an "at home" Christmas this year, for the first time ever without grandparents or cousins or anything like that. We have, at least, got the first part ready: our very unique tree decorations.

Naomi has made a santa's grotto as part of the tree decorations. That gold tinsel surrounds it.

Miriam's 8th Birthday

 Similarly, Miriam's birthday also needed some outdoor fun, but in her case she just wanted to play Minecraft on the tablet with her friend. So, a little bit easier. Spot the theme with the case too!

Pre-school presents. Miriam is really there somewhere!

Her camera was a popular present

Lydia's 6th Birthday

 ...was a bit different this year! Not being able to do an inside party, we were able to do an outside one. Lots of blankets and a gazebo, and we have an outdoor home cinema where our best friends could come too! A lot of fun indeed.

Presents before school

Naomi's cards are getting ever more impressive.