Saturday 27 June 2020


One of our learning activities was to get some caterpillars and watch them grow. Overall a pretty successful exercise, though I think parents got more out of it than children! Having now released them, the girls see a butterfly on many of our walks that must be one of ours...

Summer holidays, and sports day

Well, I was thinking it's be hard to tell when the summer holidays started, but right on cue, day 1 of "no school" had some serious rain!

Nevertheless, this was most welcome for those of us still working at home as my office is on the southern side of the house and gets very warm in the sunshine. (I'm averaging about 6 meetings a day on Microsoft Teams - and a bit of fresh air really helps with the concentration too)

So, home schooling is more or less over, unless we do this all again in August! It's looking promising that won't happen though. We'll catch up on some more home school activities in a while, but on of the last things in the year was sports day. The school did a really good job of providing some potted sports for the children to do at home, and we submitted their scores so winning classes could be determined (Lydia's P1 class were the winners in P1-3)

Normally I'd take the morning off work to see the girls doing their sports, so I did the same thing this time...