Thursday 20 August 2015


And so the day came upon us, Naomi started school!

so far she is loving it and enjoying everything and apart from being very tired she is coping really well.  Well done, big girl.

Now for the obligatory pictures.

weeks 6 and 7

We were having so much fun. I never got round to this.  Here are some pictures from the end of our summer holidays.

Baby in a box! Now to go back in time and leave her under a pool table (some Red Dwarf humour for those in the know)

Randomly stumbled across a practising pipe band. They were jolly good :-)

loving the view round where we live :-)

Road trip! Going to Grandma's house.

Still got plenty of time for a park. And Grandma, actually had some sun!

Grandma had this swing in her garden, this is pretty much what Naomi did from sun up to sun down every day we were there!

Exploring baby!

Grandma's sandpit was also much appreciated.

"Naomi, I can hear the baby laughing, where is she?" "she's here, Mummy!!"

Naomi filled her button jar while we were at Grandma's house so we went out for a pancake and a milkshake.

We had a fun, if windy, afternoon at the beach.

What do you mean I shouldn't eat the sand?

So proud of her sandcastle

Naomi had a grander plan, though.

Her Father's daughter...

A rainy education in pooh sticks (near Granny's house)

Miriam made herself some headphones, we were impressed (it's the handle from our chalk box and some string)

Sunday 2 August 2015

Week five!

Where are these holidays going?! Here are the highlights from week five :-)

I'd love to tell you this was an activity with the children, but no, this is how Sandy kept himself amused when I went out to a meeting for a few hours one evening!

Just chilling out after some breakfast...

One day Naomi had a play date, so while Lydia napped, Miriam and I baked.

It has rained. A lot.

As a result the children are getting a bit bored and sometimes take to pretending I am climbing frame.

Lydia has learned to stand. (Slow down baby!)

I should have taken out shares in fruit farming before the holidays began.

Quick! The sun is shining. Play with ALL the toys!

Because it is not going to last :-(

I set my mini taskforce to work to make our dinner

Mini baked omelettes


I've made it out for the occasional run.  Thanks to the older two going to a playscheme and a generous friend looking after Lydia on Friday I managed to get out for a seven mile run. I was in a much better mood upon my return, even if I did struggle to walk for the rest of the day, or operate the clutch on the car!

Naomi is always happiest with a pen in her hand, here she has drawn a cat.

Here we are making necklaces and bracelets.

Because mainly this week has been rain. Lots of rain.

And there isn't *really* an end in sight :-(

I am however pressing on with making Naomi's stuff for school, she now has a bag for her P.E. kit.

Sandy and I made cake, I can't remember what the occasion was, I can confirm, though, it was yummy.

Sandy and I also had a chance one evening to play scrabble. Sandy won, as he always does, but I put up a good fight!