Saturday, 26 January 2019

More decorating

We didn't feel that Lydia and Esther bedroom was quite finished after making it very pink, so Jay has added a nice rainbow to it. We've also now moved some furniture round, so the younger two have some real cupboards and drawers, and Naomi and Miriam now have a small dresser and some turquoise stuff to better suits Naomi's tastes these days.

The girls also pitched in to help with making the new drawers! Very good stuff.

Christmas 2018

A few snippets from our Christmas holidays...

First up, our Church Christmas party

Off to Granny's house...
I forget why I'm in this pose.

Christmas night

Christmas morning!

The park at Uncle Ian's

Esther has now really taken to Lego. She built this tower herself!

Lots of games with sisters and cousins

Naomi also organised a party for my birthday again. Lots of party games!
Miriam won a prize at the party. 

Pin the nose on the reindeer. A classic game.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Funny faces

A selection of silly faces...


We had occasion to be in Glasgow for a morning shortly before Christmas, so we went to Kelvingrove Museum for an hour or so. I love how much the girls take in this kind of stuff: they had a great time!