Wednesday 30 March 2011


Naomi is growing fast and is really starting to show off her new found emotions. These change very quickly - many were taken during the same evening's bounce in her chair - but we thought you might like to see how she's getting on. A couple are repeats from earlier posts that I couldn't resist putting in again :)








Expectant - those eyes follow you around until the awaited thing happens (usually mummy providing food)

Happy - one of my favourite photos of all time!


Intrigued. In this case, by the hand that appears to be attached to her some how. "Wait a minute, that's part of me!" she thinks.

Playful. She does like to play in her gym. There is the other kind of playful when it comes to bed time - waiting until you've just stepped out the door before spitting the dummy out, then grinning when you come back. Really!



Unhappy. (what gave it away?)


Downright blatantly upset. The transition from "unhappy" to this can be anywhere between 5 minutes and 0.1 milliseconds.

Sunday 27 March 2011

Granny and Grandad have come to stay

Granny makes a particularly comfy bed!

My Mum and Dad have been here for a wee while now, everyone, not least of all Naomi has been enjoying having them here.  Naomi has been, in particular, enjoying all the extra walks she has been getting as Dad uses her pram as a zimmer frame!!  I have been enjoying all the cleaning that Mum has been doing and the meals she has cooked: What will I do when they leave on Thursday?

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Bathing success again!

Naomi used to love baths and we were sad that instead of her usual kickign about she had started screaming as soon as she hit the water.  After a long process of eliminating possible problems we are almost certain that the issue was the water was too hot (for her liking rather than in a dangerous kind of way).  We have now started making sure the water is a reduced temperature again and she is back to loving it.

For obvious reasons we cannot put the video of Naomi enjoying the bath on the Internet and so to give you an idea of how much our wee tyke loves her baths and how much she splashes about we thought this picture of my jeans after the bath might give you a good idea!

And also, because we know she is the only reason you even stop by the blog ;-) have a picture of Naomi enjoying the sunshine in Loughborough today


Naomi wasn't such a fan of this chair while she was younger and I really wanted to be able to use it, but after a long break she seems to have decided it might be alright! After this picture was taken she even woke up and played in it for a wee while.

Tuesday 22 March 2011

One of my favourite sights

I love sunshine and I love drying my washing outside, so this is one of my favourite things to see!

Sunday 20 March 2011

Sometimes it goes like this...

Dear Naomi,

You are fed, you are clean and you are dry.  You are not to hot or cold and you have burped. Please stop crying.

Love Mummy

Monday 14 March 2011

So you know

A few people have pointed out they couldn't comment on the blog, so I have changed the settings so that even anonymous people can comment.  If this results in ridiculous levels of spam I will change it back and if you comment on a post more than 2 weeks old I need to approve it first, but hopefully this should make things more accessible.


Sunday 13 March 2011

London Baby!!

Yesterday, Naomi and I ventured into London for the day.  We were really going to Bromley so that I could attend the DNA reunion and see loads of people from last year, so Naomi's experience of London proper is mainly of St Pancras railway station and the Victoria line on the underground!

We had a fabulous day and Naomi was (largely) very good.  In the car Naomi is very unhappy when the speed goes below 54mph, in the train she wriggled a lot when we slowed down for stations but didn't cry, I think because she was in the sling.

Here is a photo of her first experience on a train

I had an absolute blast meeting up with old friends and seeing the DNA team again, DNA was such a great experience for me and it was great to revisit that.  Also, I was pregnant by the end of DNA so it was great to be able to introduce Naomi to people!

Unfortunately our precious little girl wasn't quite so happy on the way home and cried most of the way and as such I ended up having to stand from London to Loughborough to try and calm her, I also ended up in the section between carriages so that we didn't end up deafening the other passengers! I was tired by the time we got home but all is forgiven after a god night's sleep!

Thanks for reading!

Friday 11 March 2011

Growing too fast!

It has occurred to Sandy and I that Naomi is getting close to being too big for her Moses basket and at some point she will need to start putting her in her cot.  To try and ease the transition for her we have starting putting ehr down for naps in the cot so that when it becomes for overnight it isn't quite so scary.  Yesterday was the first day of this new regime and she kept waking up every 20-30 minutes and being unsettled so I would get her up.  This is what I was expecting and it was what I was expecting for today, so imagine my dismay when I went upstairs to find this about 40 minutes after I put her down and about 10 minutes after I wanted to leave the house to go to my Mum's group!

Doesn't she look tiny?

Wednesday 9 March 2011


Yesterday was my birthday, my first as a Mum and I had a truly wonderful day.  Thanks to everyone who sent cards presents or well-wishes, they were all lovely to receive.  By the end of the day I was well and truly spoiled, with Sandy having gone into work late so I could have a bit of a long lie while he sorted Naomi and he also brought me tea in bed :-) (I even got to drink it while it was hot!)

Later in the day my very good friend Liz Lynch came to visit, it was lovely to see her again and so I am very pleased she took the time to come from Oxford where she was visiting friends to come and see me and Naomi (and Sandy, but let's face it, he is far less important ;-) ) we even managed to go out for a drink in the evening while she made sure Naomi went to bed and sleep.

Today I have been having a good play on one of my main presents, Sandy got me Wii Fit Plus and today I have been doing a bit of a work out to try and remove that pregnancy weight.  It turns out that Naomi likes it as much as me as I can stick her in the sling and she likes the jiggling motion, although I have to choose the games carefully to make sure she isn't being thrown all over the place! It also means I have some extra weight to carry and so the work out is all the more effective!

Thanks for reading, as your reward you may see a picture of Naomi enjoying her wrist rattle!

Tuesday 8 March 2011


Question: How does a baby express realisation / disbelief that she's entered a crazy household and that these are the parents she's going to have to handle for the forseeable future?


Naomi slaps forehead

Wednesday 2 March 2011


Currently Jay and Naomi have a cold. Fortunately I seem to have got away without catching it so far! Anyhow, the little one has a proper blocked up nose - it's heartbreaking seeing her sniffing away and getting upset about it as we can't tell her what the problem is. She does however continue to grow and is starting to really look at things now; you can see her following bright objects with her eyes and the other night her dummy fell out and she was peering at it so hard I thought it was going to climb back into her mouth itself...

One of the things we wanted to keep track of is just how tiny she is just now. In the hospital there were adverts for companies who would take imprints of your baby's feet and frame them for you. Of course - to anyone from our corner of Scotland the idea of paying someone to do that is just one step too far, so the other night just before bath time we took some purple paper and white paint and did it ourselves. Here's the results:

Step 1: apply paint...

Step 2: apply paper...

Step 3: observe results...

Just got to put them in a frame or baby book of some sort now.

PS - still more presents arriving! Thank you all for being so generous. We are starting to send propoer thank you letters but it's taking a while...