Monday, 9 December 2019

Jay away

Jay was away with her friend Helen a couple of weeks ago, so it was just the four girls and Daddy for the weekend. Mostly we stayed at the house - we went on a bit of a trip to take Naomi for her cello lesson and we went to church - but otherwise we just had a lot of fun indoors. Lego building, watching films, that kind of thing. Miriam and Lydia wrote most of their thankyou letters for their birthday presents. I also introduced Naomi to a computer game that Jay and I have been playing - Two Point Hospital - which is about building a hospital where the illnesses are all crazy things (like light-headedness - where the patient has a lightbulb for a head that needs an unscrewing machine to cure it). We also had some spring onion soup for lunch, almost completely made of spring onions from our garden!

Thank you letter production line

There might only be five of us but dinner still needed a lot of sausages...

Home grown spring onions

Sunday, 8 December 2019


We've driven past The Kelpies plenty of times but we have never got around to doing a proper visit. So we went to see them a few weeks back - guided tour and everything. They manage to get a half-hour tour out of what are really just two big metal horses! It is actually a good day out though and the park they are in is a nice setting too. We even got free sandwiches at the end - our tour guide had earmarked us as a "large family" so when the shop was closing and they would have thrown out their stick they gave it to us instead. Hurray!

oh - another good bit - they have a load of Lego in the visitor centre.

The inside of each Kelpie is rather impressive.

A shoe left by one of the two horses uses as models for the sculptures (Duke and Baron)

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Miriam is 7!

...and as quickly as that, Miriam is seven. Miriam's birthday this year was on a Saturday, but it still got spread out over multiple days as her best friend was away that day. She came for a sleepover the following weekend. On the day itself, Miriam got to choose the family activity for the morning, and she chose to go swimming; we also built in a trip to the cafe at the leisure centre (much asked for but rarely are we able to do it). Another fun day!

Naomi's card for Miriam!

Miriam is excited to have arrived at the swimming pool


Miriam and Naomi stayed up late to enjoy some Mummy-and-Daddy time playing junior Monopoly.


Between birthdays we had bonfire night. We had a fun evening at Briarlands to see a big bonfire their - though as our friend Rick pointed out (as an American he's happy to admin he knows about strange customs!) that it's a bizarre thing to be burning an effigy as a fun child-friendly activity...

On the night itself we join a few of our neighbours in the school playground where we get a good view of the Bridge of Allan fireworks... Here's some closeups of Esther enjoying the fun.

Lydia is 5!

Okay, a little more catching up to do... It's already over a month since Lydia turned five! She had an exciting day, packed around school. Presents in the morning, home lunch, and a party with her two best friends in the evening. She also had her Godfather Rick come for a visit all the way from America.

It's hard to believe our Lydia is already so grown up...

Presents lines up the night before

Obligatory 5 photo

Naomi has gone to town on making birthday cards for her sisters this year. Here's Lydia's one.


Very excited little sister!

Lydia got some new rainbow themed covers for her bed. She likes them a lot!

She also got a "kitchen lab" set so we could do some interesting experiments.

Here she is sticking some string to ice with some salt.

Christmas preparations

Of course, Christmas preparations are now underway. A couple of weeks back the girls put together a shoebox for the Blythswood Appeal, and last weekend we got our tree and various decorations up. I took the Friday off to get the tree - the forest we go to advertised that as being the first day of sales and the girls were off school anyway. As it turns out, their website had an error, so when we arrived we were told sales weren't until the next day: fortunately the trees had just arrived so they kindly took a few off the truck for us to choose from, and we got the very first one sold there this year! We also made it a day out (it's in Aberfoyle and a good 40 minute drive away) and took a picnic. The rangers had set out a trail with quiz sheets and clues that the girls were able to follow and they saw a very nice waterfall. A fun day!

Putting together the shoebox