Wednesday 30 September 2015


Now a selection of Lydia-related awesomeness (it's a word now)

Catching water. Classic baby activity.


Helping to pack for the summer holiday.

Trying to get a picture of her hugging her beloved bear Fred. One of many pictures! I quite like this one for what Naomi's doing in the background.

Ah, that's better.



Yes, this is a thing now. She can bounce there for in excess of 15 minutes.

Sister appears as if from nowhere.

Sister appears as if from nowhere.

Gone again.

Lydia now grabs any convenient towel or cloth and has a good old belly laugh with a bit of peekaboo

Lydia having a go at clapping - she knows what this song is all about now.

Tuesday 29 September 2015


Another visit to Glasgow Science Centre in the holidays - and this time much better planned as we knew what to expect. A whole day of fun, with some very tired children at the end.

I call this one "funky lights".

Making wind-powered cars. 

The crazy sideways room

Monday 28 September 2015


Some more shots of unique perspective from our in-house photographer...

This needs some explanation though. This was the night before Naomi started school, and she said she'd miss us. She observed that I have a picture of them at work, and on my phone, so I wouldn't miss them the same way. So we lined up and she took a picture, which was printed and is still in her school bag every day now.

Sunday 27 September 2015


A selection of our girls at play...

Indoor picnic!

No idea.

We get quite a lot of doctor/nurse and patient play 
Miriam is in that bed somewhere.

Tea always helps.

Oh, there she is.

"I know what you're up to!"

Miriam made herself some ice skates in the bath

Naomi and Miriam have a go at the alphabet song, but it's cut short due to the pressures of video recording.

A day trip to Briarlands Farm with some nice sand pit play.

Some good old fashioned technology play.

They really can do this for hours. It's not pretty when we cut them off.

Saturday 26 September 2015


So, apart from last week's toilet humour post, I've not been blogging for two whole months. Sorry about that - I have been ridiculously busy: at work trying to write up papers before moving on to another project (still going on that front, getting there though) and at home clearing a bunch of odd jobs that seem to have amassed from nowhere.

Anyway, we have had some lovely family time the past wee while so here's a bit of a catch up. Some other bits and pieces will follow soon.

Naomi got a medal for taking part in a "virtual run" with Jay. Miriam was sad about that, so while they were out I helped Miriam make a medal of her own. She was happy with it!

On the one sunny day of the past two months we had a great time outside. In true Scottish form it was dry so we had a barbecue...

We also rebuilt the Quadro set in the garden that's been a house for the past 18 months. Now it's a train!

 Some more Scottish prettiness on the ride in to work a couple of weeks ago. My office is literally in that cloud somewhere.

One evening I was supervising the children for dinner time. Naomi felt she needed to protect her clothes so she made herself a napkin.

I recently got some new internals for my computer and had a nice evening putting it all together. I was fairly pleased with how tidy it's looking in there now - still a bit more work to do though. Meanwhile it runs like the wind again :)

Miriam now likes to line things up. We frequently see things like this.

It was really my pleasure last week that when Naomi filled up her button jar and got her treat, that she asked if she could go with me to the cafe. "because I love you Daddy" yes, it really was that sweet. We had a lovely time, soured only because they TOOK AWAY the last of my beverage while Naomi was visiting the toilet. Boo.

"Smile Naomi" - how Chandler-esque is this?

We conclude with last weekend's picking of our vegetables. Owing to this summer's rather disappointing weather we didn't have as much of a crop as last year's amazing bounty - but it was still fun to pull up all those potatoes. We've already had a few peas, lettuce and herbs, below are some tatties, leeks and carrots. Sadly slugs ate all of our peppers and cucumbers before they had much of a life.

 Also, in mid-September we finally developed a single tomato. No doubt it'll be frozen before it's ready to be picked but maybe it will come so something!

Saturday 19 September 2015


The editors make the necessary apologies for the somewhat crude nature of this blog post, but there are not really any means of avoiding it. Our life seems full of toilet humour just now - though some of it just isn't funny.

A special guest column from our agony aunt, Anita Gohe.

Miriam writes: Dear Anita, I have a wee problem. Well, in truth, it's a pooh problem. I've been doing wees on the potty for months now just fine, but I just can't seem to sort out the solids. My big sister was able to do it no trouble, so I feel there must be something wrong. Is there anything I can do?    - Agreeably thankful, Miriam

Miriam, don't worry. These things take time and some people have to wait longer than others. This is all perfectly normal - just keep persevering and everything will be okay. Anita.

Anita, when I first saw your reply I said to myself "Okay" and kept waiting. Unfortunately a couple of days ago, I felt a pooh coming and it caught me somewhat by surprise. I didn't make it to the potty in time, and quite frankly the experience was terrifying! How can it possibly be better to do it that way? Miriam

Poor Miriam, you sound really upset. It's important to remember that this isn't a big deal. "Everybody Poops" as that classic Barry Manilow track has it (- actually was it him? well, someone like him anyway... Maybe it was Sting.) Use those training pants to their full advantage, and in time the fear will fade. Then we can start trying again: you could suggest to your Mummy and Daddy that a treat for success might be beneficial!  - Anita.

 Thanks Anita, I decided not to worry about it. he only thing is that I feel a little bad that Mummy now has so much washing to do! It seems to be even more than when I wore nappies. On the other hand, the offer of treats has been most welcome. To start with, there was this abstract offer of stickers. I would get one sticker for a pooh or wee on the potty, and after getting to the end of a line on my chart, there would be a biscuit. Then they upped the offer to two stickers for a pooh. The offers quickly inflated to the point whereby now I think I will get ALL of the chocolate, just for one pooh on the potty. Honestly, this hard to resist!

Miriam, this sound like a most suitable position to be in. You are now in control. Remember who Number Two works for! Just sit and wait until it happens, then enjoy the treaty goodness.

Neither mother nor father has any idea what to do
Anita, things are not going well. Mummy and Daddy have no idea how to proceed, and have resorted to reading the strangest story about a chap called Poo, who wants to return to Pooland. It's quite mad. Why can't he just go himself? I don't see what this has to do with me. Besides which, everything seems to be stuck now. It's a bit sore and I'm getting quite grumpy about it all.

Miriam, I have just the thing for you. Take some of this delicious medicine and things will be flowing freely soon.

Anita, that medicine works a treat! I am no longer sore. There's just one problem. I seem to need my pants changed very frequently. Mummy and Daddy are being very good about it but I can tell they're a bit frustrated. Recently they've taken the unusual move of asking me to go sans-pants around the house. Our carpet seems to have poo all over it recently, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be something to do with me. I really don't like to cause any trouble.
Miriam, it seems to me that you're just going to have to go with the lesser of two evils. If you don't want to leave deposits on the carpet, try investing in the bank of potty. Who knows, you might even come to enjoy it.

Anita: alright, I'll give it a go. I'm really not all that convinced though.

Oooh, the suspense.

 Anita, it's been a while. It turns out that it wasn't so bad after all! I've even been sitting on the toilet like a *really* big girl. I've been at a friends house and at nursery too. I really think the problem is solved. There is just one issue though: now I expect treats all the time.
It's a celebration.
Dear Miriam, that's great news. Let's go one step at a time, but do remember, the gravy train will have to end some time. And remember, I'm always here to help!

Thanks Anita. You know, trains are okay, but I like fire engines best!

* if you've been affected by any of the issues raised in this blogpost, you have our sympathy. We'd love to assure you that it will end quickly, but as it didn't in our case, we can't. Just sit back and enjoy your juice.