Sunday, 16 December 2018

Happy Gappy

Miriam has had a wobbly tooth for weeks now. Rather than taking her friend's advice and hitting it with a drinks can, she has waited patiently for it to get wobbly by itself and today it fell out while we were at church. We have one excited six year old, anticipating her first ever grown up tooth!

Saturday, 15 December 2018


A wee catch up on Miriam and Lydia's birthdays! Okay, they were over a month ago, but these are worth sharing.

Here's Lydia opening her presents before nursery...

We also went to soft play with Lydia's friends

Miriam's birthday was considerably more bouncy. We went to a Trampoline Park!

Miriam is now quite the constructor! So the multiple Lego presents went down well. was her Spirogaph (which is still a thing)

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Christmas is coming

With December's arrival there is little denying the Christmas is nearly here. Excitement levels are already unnecessarily high in the house. As we're going to be out of the house from a few days before Christmas we tend to get the tree and decorations a bit earlier than many, so this past weekend it was time for the usual trek to get a tree.

Queueing for a visit to Santa, funded by a very generous Granny.

We usually get a Forestry Commission tree as the seem a bit more ethically and environmentally sound. We realised that there was a place at Aberfoyle, a wee bit closer than the one we usually go to, so we tried the new place. It's great - and definitely will be worth a visit in the summer for some picnicking....
Forest related activities!

With Christmas coming ti's definitely time to clear the thank you letters for Miriam and Lydia's birthdays. Here are most of them.

We decorated the house too!

Outside as well.

Saturday, 1 December 2018


Our house is well sites for a quick wander up to the school playground to watch the spectacular Bridge of Allan fireworks. So that's what we did!

The girls had a great time, though a bit oddly they weren't all that keen on the sparklers, so we now have some spare ones if anyone wants them.

Naomi would also like to share her amazing stash that she got for knocking on people's doors and telling jokes.