Saturday 24 March 2018

Week off

Making use of my research-so-not-quite-as-much-teaching job for a few more weeks, this week I took a week off. It's been very busy the past few months and so I wanted a little time around the house with my girls. It started last weekend with a visit with Miriam and Naomi to the Science Fair at the university: they were both very engaged in the various activities. Then most of the week I was around the house with Jay and the younger two, catching up on some odd jobs (now we'll be living in this house for a good long time to come), playing some games, and just resting.

This bit of the science fair was demonstrating a computing problem known as Travelling Salesman Problem, that I sometimes work on. Very pleasing that the girls spent a long time here!

Some proper white coat science action.

Esther getting in on the relaxation business. 
Some fun at the park


The cupcake monster game just goes on and on.

Gang Show

As a new Brownie, Naomi is now old enough to take part in the Stirling Gang Show - which meant a week of late nights a couple of weeks ago. We saw her on the last night, and she was excellent. Below is her in her octopus costume (for the "under the Sea" dance), which she designed!


We built an igloo when it snowed a couple of weeks back. In the end it lasted almost a week! I was quite pleased with it, and I think the girls were too. (all three older ones helped) One use at least for the surplus recycling boxes we have!


Esther has her first word - rather than just a sound accompanied by a gesture to show what she wants (usually AH!)

Pox II

...of course it was only a matter of time before Lydia also came down with The Pox. At least that's all the children now. Lydia coped with it very well but it was BAD and all were left very tired!

Miriam made a get well card for her sister!

Saturday 3 March 2018

The Pox

Just what you want when cooped up in the house by the snow. Oh dear.

More Snow!

Some of you might have noticed that it's been snowing, even in Stirling! This has been the most snow of any winter since we moved here, and it finally feels like a proper Scottish winter. Of course, last week it was really looking like Spring - here are some snowdrops we inherited with the raspberries I got from a friend...

Needless to say, I did not take the bike to work the past three days.

I like how the trampoline has filled up with snow!

Hard to see, but Miriam has made a snow unicorn, bottom right of this picture. It even has an icicle horn!