Saturday, 6 July 2019

Bunk beds

Esther has been getting rather big for her cot, and many times now has nearly climbed right out over the side. The toddler bed was also a bit on the small side for Lydia, and although it could be extended we were already a bit short on space in that room. So, we have finally succumbed to the inevitable and got another bunk bed so she and Lydia can have some more space.

The toddler bed is especially wee for two!

So, another trip to IKEA was on the cards... It's summer so I can easily take a day off and we can make it into a bit of a day out. This, of course, means Swedish meatballs!

Yes, a whole bunk bed in the back of our car. Brilliant!
There's also a comfy chair for my office so I can sit and ponder.

Lydia was a big help with the construction!
The finished article...

So far, Esther is coping surprisingly well with the big girl bed, and Lydia is managing being up top fine (after a couple of nights of seeing how much up-and-down-the-ladder she could do) We'll see  how well that continues...

...and so it came to pass

Indeed, the crop is good. It keeps on coming too.

More on the way!

We also have some sweet peas. Not as tasty but good to look at!

Saturday, 15 June 2019


Looks like we're going to have a good strawberry crop this year!

We also had some more lovely colours this year as the tulip bulbs we planted last year finally came to something...

Naomi's first big trip

Naomi had her first every Brownie camp last weekend. It was a full weekend - two nights away in the Borders with crafts, singing, making dens in the woods, exploring, and eating. Interestingly they saved the campfire for a regular Brownies night this week!

She was excited about it for weeks and it seems to have been a good time. Naomi was tired enough when she came back that she was quiet for nearly two hours! Still glad to be back though...

Linlithgow Palace

Another adventure to a historic place - this time Linlithgow Palace on a spectacular day with Grandma. Given that it's more or less a ruin we managed to fill a lot of time there as the girls explored the place. They also had some pictures to "collect" with different jewels on them.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Choo Choo!

Today the Flying Scotsman went past Stirling... here are a couple of excited children enjoying it. (I just missed "bouncy Miriam" afterwards)

Esther's 2nd birthday

A few photos of Esther's birthday, including her brilliant giant bubbles!