Sunday, 9 February 2020

Naomi is Nine

Despite us having a similar event every year, it's still hard to believe that Naomi is 9!

Straight after Christmas was over we had the extensive buildup of excitement, but in the end we had a thoroughly enjoyable - if tiring - day. This year her birthday fell on a Friday, and started with a home lunch on the Thursday (Friday itself not working for that). Then on to an early morning start on the birthday itself, with presents from the family, and an excited day at school.

Over night we then had an ironically-named sleepover, hosting Naomi's two best friends. Last child was asleep about 20 minutes after midnight! Saturday morning, the party continued with a trip to the cinema to see Frozen 2.

All in all a good time was had, but my little girl isn't so little any more...

We'll be running out of fingers for this soon

Lego remains popular...

Olaf Lego built before school!

The sleepover also featured beauty masks, something I do not understand. 

Emergency coffee after the night before. (this was for the adults)


How was your birthday Naomi?

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Christmas Holidays 2019

A final catchup on Christmassy things and all that went on in the holidays.

First up, the Church Nativity, where Lydia had a surprise upgrade from "shepherd" to a more central part...

All packed and ready to go!
 First, a fine walk out in the increasingly dark countryside near Granny's house.

I particularly like how moody this looks.

All set for Christmas night
Most impressed by the thanks-in-anticipation here

Just liking the irony of this one.

...and on to Christmas morning with a 7am present opening

Lydia has remained attached to this pen ever since!

and Esther LOVES here doll's buggy

On to Grandma's house and cousins to play with!

The end of a busy day. Naomi set up a little surprise for Lydia.
We had a few trips to Aden, where there are a load of new outdoor toys. Very nice!

Standard shenanigans setting up a family photo with so many small ones.

My family had a meal out a couple of days after Christmas - Esther got a massive load of ice cream!

Lots of time for fun games

We also made use of the sales to get some new school shoes: on to a good thing at John Lewis, where there is some Lego to keep everyone occupied.
Most trips north we drove along Aberdeen beach past Codona's and the girls have been consistently asking to go there for years. This time we did and they had a brilliant time!

Lydia was excellent at the penny falls 

And some treats as well.

I got this game as a present; essentially a bit like Tetris and right up my street. Hours of fun and there are two board so I hada a few races with the girls, who are impressively good at it.

Naomi set up a birthday party for me, complete with games. Here's pass the parcel.

My birthday!

Grandma's swing is still in good working order.

Another nice moody picture, this time in Grandma's front garden.

Naomi went for a nice long walk with Jay to have a bit of Mummy-Daughter time. There is now a new path between New Deer and Maud that provides a really decent walk.

Holidays nearly over, here we are back home.

Esther in her superhero costume.

Miriam had some spare clay left from making her snowglobes, so she gave me the red present here to put in my office. Here it is!

...and the extensive thankyou letter writing begins.

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Christmas Party

Now we're into the Christmas holidays! Lots of excited children here.

Last weekend it was our church Christmas party, with food, games and dancing. All the girls joined in the with ceilidh dancing: this is a very tiring exercise... Esther is a really good dancer now (musical bumps) but really excelled herself with pass the parcel. The older girls really enjoyed the games and being around friends (and have been doing the dances at school so they even know some of the steps). We had a great time!

For brief moments they play really nicely together too

Miriam has custody of Pepper, the class parrot for the weekend, so he came to the party as well.

Lydia was just having a really good time!

The children also got a visit from a certain chubby Christmas celebrity dressed in red.

Esther's present was a drawing board.
This is a dolphin!

Lydia's present was a pair of snow globes to decorate - here is one.

Naomi got a grown up cup with a pattern to colour in...

I'm really impressed with the design she's put on it!

Miriam also got snow globes, but with these you get clay to mould into shapes. These bake in the oven and then you fill them with water and glitter...

Here are some of the parts ready for immersion (actually, we tried once and they came unstuck, so they have some glitter on already here)

The finished article

The finished article (2) - isn't the snow man brilliant? It's Olaf.