Sunday 24 January 2016

Dear my precious five year old

Dear my precious five year old,

It's your birthday so it is time to write you another letter.  I am struggling to get my head around the fact that it is five years since you tumbled into the world and turned everything down-side up! This has been a whirlwind year for us all, not least of all because you have started school and this seems to have made you grow up SO much. I am very proud of the beautiful young girl you are growing into and very proud of how hard you work at school. I knew you would love the challenge and love it you do.

I think you get frustrated that school eats into the time you would like to be playing, you sometimes tell me you would like to go back to nursery so you can "just play" but I know that you are learning new stuff all the time and together we will find the joy in learning.

You are very much into everything "girly", you love all things pink and sparkly and twirly and pretty. Mummy has struggled with this at times, I am not girly at all and I sometimes feel out of my depth helping you find your identity in all of that, but you and I make a good team and we are getting there together.

I am learning that although you are a confident child in lots of situations you are a sensitive wee soul and you need lots of reassurance from me. I am sorry it took me so long to cotton onto that but I hope and pray we are getting there together now. I love to sit and read a book with you, to have you tell a story, to colour a picture or just to have you sit on my knee and I am learning that these things are especially important to you, too.

You continue to have more energy than I possibly know what to do with! I am sure you steal it from me as I cannot fathom where you else you could be getting it from. I love to watch you run and climb and tumble and jump; the dances that you make up at home are beautiful,  your body is strong and I pray that it will stay that way and you will love it.

You are an amazingly good big sister, I love watching you play with your sisters, I especially love it now that Miriam is old enough to join in your games. You always have a scenario to play or to act or create. I anticipate you will be very good at drama, you certainly made a good inn keeper in your nativity this last Christmas.

If you don't end up an actress I could see you being an artist. If there is glue to be stuck, paint to be flung or pictures to be coloured, there I will find you. I think you favourite way to be is up to your elbows in PVA with a sequin stuck to your eyebrow. I am sorry that Mummy doesn't let you do it more, I realise it is my problem, I really do find it hard but you love it and I can see you are ever so good at it.

One of the most daunting tasks I have ever undertaken is helping you grow into a well adjusted, contented, beautiful human being but I am having lots of fun while we try and do it together. I love you baby girl and even though you are not a baby you will FOREVER be my baby and I will love you always with all my heart.

My prayer for you this year is that you would get to know Jesus more, I love hearing all you know about God and Jesus and love hearing your prayers and am excited to see you develop a real, meaningful relationship with Him. However much I love you, Jesus loves you more and I am excited to see what you and God can do together, to discover the plans Jesus has for your life and what you can do for Him.

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. “When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I’ll listen.“When you come looking for me, you’ll find me.“Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.” God’s Decree.
Jeremiah 29:11-14 (The Message)

Monday 18 January 2016


One most enjoyable Christmas present that we received was from my brother - a cakepop maker. (for the uninitiated, cakepops are lollipops made of cake - what's not to like!) We gave it a trial run for date night a week ago. The only problem is that being small bits of sponge they don't last long, so they have to be eaten soon after manufacture. How sad!


Saturday 16 January 2016


A motley selection of items from the past couple of months to catch up on.

Firstly, we made a special trip up North at the end of November, because the girls have a new cousin. Ian and Christine (my brother and his wife) have had their first baby, Innes, and we all went to meet him. So a wee trip to Grandma's house was in order (given that we've been back up again since then, you can tell that life is still pretty busy just now!)

First, the obligatory stop at Peggy Scott's...

The opportunity for craft and play with far more people than usual...

And a picture of Lydia looking VERY much like her Mummy.

Mummy and Daddy got a night out at the end of October, terminated only slightly early by a child that seemed most keen to play with Mummy's necklace...

I like all the thought that has gone into this playing. Naomi has a hairspray and scissors (or at least representative objects), Miriam has an apron - Naomi even has a name badge!

Naomi actually made this! I guess someone looking this grown-up-looking ought to be able to.

Lydia likes to dance, and push buttons. This toy combines the two.

Yet more great drawings! Both Naomi's this time.

She was in here for the time it took to inadequately brush one big sister's teeth...

Nappies don't always hold it together once the morning comes. "She feels a bit damp!"

Sunday 10 January 2016


Time for a catch up on Christmas, New Year, my birthday and all the related activities. We packed in a visit to Granny and Granddad, as well as Grandma and Granddad, and various other family and friends. Yes, there is loads to get through...

My phone's status on Christmas eve. A truly happy agenda for the coming week.

Naomi gets into the spirit of things with a "tinsel dance". No music required.

Christmas fete at Naomi's school, with the making of decorations.

The finished decorations, which were an excellent addition to out tree. Well done girls!

Now it's time to decorate. Pile in!
Good helping...
The finished article.

Noah's Ark (church toddler group) Christmas party, with the making of wreathes. This is Lydia's effort.
The church Christmas party, with party food and fancy dresses...

...and a happy mummy... well as some ceilidh dancing.

We had a really hard frost one morning in December, and it was quite pleasing to see the wonderment that Naomi and Miriam has for the crunchy grass and crystal covered outside. Proper childhood stuff! We didn't get a picture of Naomi's walk around the garden, but here they are at the park.

An afternoon's craft activity yielded some nice miniature Christmas trees

Naomi was an innkeeper in her school's "McTivity". One of the nice things about my job is that I got to have a late start and saw her too (it was on mid-morning). She was great!

Possibly a slightly bigger role in the church nativity though - Naomi was Mary. As she told an older girl, "she's the one that had the baby"

Miriam also had an important part as one of the angels.

The church Santa visits, Miriam was up first.

Naomi was so quick in on the action that I nearly missed her. Lydia got a present too.

More play dough. Can it get any better?

Clearly not.

Naomi made an advent-themed calendar.
A very grown up girl waiting to get to Granny's house.

Two grown up girls who have been working hard at holiday playing.

Lydia learns the joy of swinging her legs on a chair.

This year we had four bags of reindeer dust (that is, oats with glitter), so Naomi took to Granny's garden to scatter it about.

A trip to the cafe in Inverurie on Christmas Eve with Granny and Granddad, where we also met our dear friend Bob, a retired minister.
Proud Grandparents! 
Now we get to Christmas, and it's present time.

Did I mention the presents?

There were lots of presents.
Lydia is getting the hand of this too.
as well as having a good time in general. 
The puddings are seasonal as well as tasty.
Onwards to Grandma and Granddad's house and some nice new gloves.
as well as many more presents. 
Naomi and Miriam showing off some new bracelets. 
Lydia really enjoyed her new toy phone.

And magic wands which make a noise are great fun!

They also never get annoying! 
Small person in party hat - very cute indeed.

Sometimes it gets a bit much though.

Calories for breakfast. A return to the north east means butteries, and lots of them. Yum!

The one dry day in the whole two week holiday, we made a trip to the park. Here are Naomi and Miriam having lots of fun with their grandma and Granddad.

Lots of adults to help also means lots of activities like craft. Miriam used her bunting kit, and Naomi made her angel.

An aquadoodle for Lydia, so she can draw by herself.

I did quite enjoy how much time the girls played with my old toys though.
"Daddy, let's build a car". Well, it almost looks like one. 
Lots of time for fun family games too.
This is what greeted me on the morning of my birthday. Thanks girls, it's good to feel loved!
Birthday lunch. Hurray!
We quite enjoyed Lydia doing exactly what Miriam used to do, putting her feet on the table.
More games!
Then more tiredness!
Naomi is, of course, very good at the Wii. Her first bowl was a strike. 
Grandma helping Naomi with some sewing, which we rarely would have the time to do at home.
This is part of a three piece mobile - the promise of completion lies in a future visit.
Yes, there really is a game called Bibleopoly, which for licensing reasons is just a tiny bit different to a popular property-trading board game. Fun for all, and we learned something too. 
Grandma was looking after John Watson, a hamster belonging to the girls' cousin Kirsty. This could be one the first animals ever that Naomi was remotely positive about.

The end of the holidays, the decorations come down.
Of course, the whole period passed by very quickly and we're already back in the school/nursery/work etc routine. Thanks to everyone for presents and hospitality, and happy new year to you all.