Saturday 10 December 2016

Lincoln & Loughborough

More work travels...

Last week I went to Loughborough for a couple of days to kick off my visiting Fellowship there. A very good trip, I met with a few staff and several students in my old department and we have quite a few bits of research lined up for the coming months. I stayed in the Holywell Guest House, just around the corner from the house we lived in for a couple of years and well worth a visit! I managed to catch up with a couple of friends too. The return journey wasn't so great (a slight delay to the third train of four meant missing the last one and being bumped onto a much later replacement bus - boooo!) but overall a good trip.

Nice digs.

We parked in that space the year before moving the Loughborough. Seven years ago!

Some most welcome Rich teas to finish the day.
The past couple of days I have been away again, this time in Lincoln, to meet with the various partners in the TRANSIT project (the one to do with airports). The only other time I've been there was to clean the car after Naomi had a nasty sickness bug so this visit was almost guaranteed to be better. The town is quite nice and the other people on the project are very good to work with so again a pleasant trip. We had some good discussions about how best to work together, and quite a lot of use of flipcharts and post-it notes. Lots of work to do on this one too!

The view from my hotel room was perhaps not the best

Did you know that Lincoln was the birthplace of the tank? Me neither.
That's the University of Lincoln in the background by the way.

The cathedral and old town are quite pretty

as is their marina
There will be quite a few more short trips like these over the coming months. It's not getting any easier being away from everyone :(