Friday 4 November 2011


For those that don't know, I have got myself a job!

It was never the plan to go back to work but money has been a little tight recently so I looked around to see if I could find anything that might work around Naomi.  We eventually heard of a job at Small World Nursery, it is only 1.5 hours a day Monday to Friday working as their cleaner.  It is done in the evening which means that Sandy can/does look after Naomi in the evenings after work and so I don't feel as bad about leaving her because I know she is having some quality time with her Daddy while I'm at work.

So our new routine sees me heading out the door almost as soon as Sandy is home and getting back just as Naomi is getting out the bath which means I can still feed her just before one of us puts her to bed.  I get back early enough that if Sandy or I have any church activities we can still do them and if not we can spend the evening together (or just sit staring at the TV because we are too tired!)

Those who have known me for a long time will probably know that I am a messy soul, I'm certainly not renowned for being tidy, so it is quite hilarious that I am now working as a cleaner.  If I'm honest, it is not exactly my life's calling and I've not really worked any job before where every day is the same and I'm not massively keen on this aspect.  I am, however, enjoying having some time each day where I don't have to worry so much for Naomi, I'm using the time to listen to worship music or a sermon on my MP3 player, I am trying to make the time count for me and God, as long as I remember to clean the toilets there is no reason this can't be really healthy for me and my relationship with God.

To end, this is Naomi in her cot, I think the look on her face is saying "stop taking pictures, I am trying to sleep!" Tonight she went to sleep without even a hint of a cry or even a moan!

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