Thursday 18 October 2012


Another assortment of pictures from the last couple of weeks...

The new house is much nearer to many people in our church. An extra bonus is that one the weeks I'm driving the van, it's now parked five minutes away instead of twenty! The first experience here was even better though, thanks to a late night session, the last guy who used it parked it right outside the house, so I got a bit more time that morning. Here it is in all its glory from our living room window.
Naomi is adding new words every day now, and a favourite of the moment it "AAAT", or as most people call it, "hat". Here she is sporting mine.

We got this shower curtain from, and I picked it up from America in July (thanks to Rick for holding it for me). We saved it for the new house. Chic or what?

One of the only negatives of the new house was that it didn't come with a shed, but the weekend after we moved we were given one! It was pretty old and rotten, but also huge - 10'x6' - so I cut it down to a more sensible size and in doing so removed most of the rotten bits. In the end all it cost was a new roll of roof felt, some preservative and two big posts to hold the floor together. Much appreciated!

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Mummy's bump is now apparently quite comfortable.

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