Wednesday 7 November 2012


While the limbo period of Baby-II-nearly-here continues, Naomi keeps us well entertained. She's a little ill at the moment (as am I) but she's still full of energy.

One of the things she really likes to do is dance, and particularly to our odd tastes in music. Here she is a few days ago having a bit of a ceilidh with her bear, accompanied by the legendary Shindig.

Now a couple of recent pictures...

As winter nears, it's even getting cold in England now!

Naomi has taken to enjoying mummy and daddy's bed on the occasions she comes into our room (this is during the day when we have to get something from there, mind: she's very good at staying in her own bed during the night). She's also most particular about making sure it's quiet when this happens. She even pats my pillow indicating that I'm meant to be sleeping too. At the end of a long day at work it's hard to turn this down!

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