Sunday 16 December 2012


Poor Miriam, you come second time round and your parents don't update the world nearly so often about how you are getting on because they spend all their time running around after your big sister!  That said, here are some updates for you.

On December 6th Miriam weighed 9lb 15oz which is good weight gain, not to little, not too much.  In fact she is almost exactly average being on the 50th percentile when plotted on a graph of babies her age.

Miriam is not a terrible sleeper but she isn't fantastic either, her main issue is that she isn't a fan of her Moses basket but we think this might be related to some reflux issues she is having, we are starting to try and resolve those now so hopefully she'll be sleeping better/longer (at night) soon.

As her sister did at this age, Miriam loves being out in the buggy and loves our almost daily trips to some toddler group or other or just a trip to Tesco, I am incredibly grateful for this as Naomi and I go to quite a few things.  Miriam also seems to think the car isn't a terrible place to be, we are all grateful for this as it is now only three days till we travel back North for Christmas!!

Miriam is learning to enjoy some toys as well, here is Sandy shaking a rattle for her, seeing as she has not yet found her hands she is unable to do it herself, just yet!  You will see that she breaks into a smile during this (and if you have the sound on you will realise that Sandy and I like to watch Star Trek on a Saturday afternoon, don't judge us!!)

Hoping to see some of you while we are up over the next couple of weeks but keep reading for more updates (hopefully) coming soon!!

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