Thursday 14 November 2013

Miriam had a birthday

and here are some of the pictures from our day...

The first is actually from the day before Miriam's birthday.  Children under one only cost £1  at soft play but they cost £3.95 afterwards so I thought we should have a last play while she's still cheap! Here she is asleep in "Auntie" Liz's arms.  Liz came from Loughborough to join us for all our festivities.

Right, birthdays need cakes. I decided to try and make one that looked like Miriam's favourite toy pictured for reference)

Here are some bits of cake in an approximate doggy shape

I was over the moon, though, at how well it turned out!

On the morning of Miriam's birthday Naomi, literally, lined up all the presents for opening

Miriam was very pleased with her lot

Then was time for cake

Having Happy Birthday sung to her

Eating cake

Family photo

Birthdays are, of course, hard work, so at 5pm this happened...

The next morning also featured Naomi saying (in a robot voice) "I am a robot" and walking around like this

It was a beautiful day, we had lots of fun and Miriam received lots of lovely gifts.

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