Sunday 8 December 2013

Christmas excitement

Here are a few of our preparations for Christmas, it's proving lots of fun this year as Naomi is understanding better what is going on.  She is very excited and can engage with some of our traditions and fun.

One thing she was very excited about was getting a Christmas tree.

Here we are having chosen the tree (as a side note, Sandy had the day off work and it turns out that Monday morning is an incredible time to buy a Christmas tree, the queue was non-existent!)

Here is Naomi making some decorations for the tree.  She wanted to make it sparkly but the decorations were in the attic and I wasn't in a position to get it down on my own so I said she could make some things for it

Here is the tree with the decorations Naomi made

Here is the tree with a few more decorations including a star that Naomi made with Daddy yesterday.

We will be up in the North East for a fair wee while over Christmas and New Year so looking forward to catching up with you soon...

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