Thursday 23 January 2014

End of an era...

...beginning of an another.  No longer do I have all my babies with me at home all the time.

Ready to go!

Today, my baby girl started nursery! Can you believe?

She was so excited and has been for a good long while so was very pleased to be told it was FINALLY the day to go.  Today was a "settling in" day which meant that she would be able to get a bit of extra attention from her keyworker (who had visited us in our home yesterday) and meant that I had to stay in the building in case of any problems or inconsolable tears.

There were no problems though, I am told she had a great time playing with everything and with the other boys and girls.

Although. Naomi did get very upset at one point, she was not happy at all and even Mummy couldn't console her.  What was the problem? It was time to come home! Eventually we managed to placate her by letting her borrow a book from the nursery, she can return it tomorrow when she goes back and Mummy will be coming home this time!

I hope this is the beginning of many happy years of education for her!

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