Saturday 17 May 2014

planking poll

As part of my trying to do some exercise thing that I like to do I like to have a run 2 or 3 times a week.  Now that I am 16 weeks pregnant that tends to be once or twice a week and is a good deal slower than I used to go but I do still go and I do still enjoy it.  As part of my trying to be generally fit but be a bit fitter I do also do a few exercises to help me strengthen my core.  One of the exercises I do is to "plank" (picture to follow).  For a bit of fun I thought we could all try and guess how many weeks pregnant I will be when my stomach no longer fits and I am grounded.  The winner wins the joy of winning and a chocolate bar!

First, this is a plank.  This is not me.  The Internet does not need any pictures of me planking on it.

For reference this is what I looked like at about 30 weeks pregnant with Naomi

And this is what I look like now (at 16 weeks)

Make your guess, winner will be announced once I can't plank any more!


  1. I'm going for..... 28 weeks! Good luck & happy planking!

  2. 35 weeks has also been guessed over on Facebook