Friday 6 February 2015


Okay, so work-specific humour is rarely actually funny... anyway, you might recall that I appreciated some civil-engineer comedy back in Loughborough. Well, now I'm in a computing department and can appreciate that sort of thing on a whole new level.

Currently the stairwell near my office is having some repairs. There was a hole in the plaster and it got patched up. Of course, it's taking a little while to be painted, so our CS buddies have had a bit of fun...

Tee hee!

As a consequence of recent work, three coathooks and a screw have been sitting on the window sill of our common room for the past few weeks. Several people have anonymously been rearranging them into various sculptures, some of which have been most impressive...

I like the similarity with the Wallace Monument of this one!
Well, the "p" in phd could easily be for procrastination after all :)

Finally, once again I had a beautiful view cycling back tonight. For some reason the sunsets in Stirling are particularly stunning. The camera phone doesn't really do it justice, but here's the view just outside the university car park...

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