Sunday 2 August 2015

Week five!

Where are these holidays going?! Here are the highlights from week five :-)

I'd love to tell you this was an activity with the children, but no, this is how Sandy kept himself amused when I went out to a meeting for a few hours one evening!

Just chilling out after some breakfast...

One day Naomi had a play date, so while Lydia napped, Miriam and I baked.

It has rained. A lot.

As a result the children are getting a bit bored and sometimes take to pretending I am climbing frame.

Lydia has learned to stand. (Slow down baby!)

I should have taken out shares in fruit farming before the holidays began.

Quick! The sun is shining. Play with ALL the toys!

Because it is not going to last :-(

I set my mini taskforce to work to make our dinner

Mini baked omelettes


I've made it out for the occasional run.  Thanks to the older two going to a playscheme and a generous friend looking after Lydia on Friday I managed to get out for a seven mile run. I was in a much better mood upon my return, even if I did struggle to walk for the rest of the day, or operate the clutch on the car!

Naomi is always happiest with a pen in her hand, here she has drawn a cat.

Here we are making necklaces and bracelets.

Because mainly this week has been rain. Lots of rain.

And there isn't *really* an end in sight :-(

I am however pressing on with making Naomi's stuff for school, she now has a bag for her P.E. kit.

Sandy and I made cake, I can't remember what the occasion was, I can confirm, though, it was yummy.

Sandy and I also had a chance one evening to play scrabble. Sandy won, as he always does, but I put up a good fight!

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