Saturday 16 January 2016


A motley selection of items from the past couple of months to catch up on.

Firstly, we made a special trip up North at the end of November, because the girls have a new cousin. Ian and Christine (my brother and his wife) have had their first baby, Innes, and we all went to meet him. So a wee trip to Grandma's house was in order (given that we've been back up again since then, you can tell that life is still pretty busy just now!)

First, the obligatory stop at Peggy Scott's...

The opportunity for craft and play with far more people than usual...

And a picture of Lydia looking VERY much like her Mummy.

Mummy and Daddy got a night out at the end of October, terminated only slightly early by a child that seemed most keen to play with Mummy's necklace...

I like all the thought that has gone into this playing. Naomi has a hairspray and scissors (or at least representative objects), Miriam has an apron - Naomi even has a name badge!

Naomi actually made this! I guess someone looking this grown-up-looking ought to be able to.

Lydia likes to dance, and push buttons. This toy combines the two.

Yet more great drawings! Both Naomi's this time.

She was in here for the time it took to inadequately brush one big sister's teeth...

Nappies don't always hold it together once the morning comes. "She feels a bit damp!"

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