Sunday 30 July 2017

More travels

Really there has been too much travelling this year! Labs 2 and 3 of the Digital Economy Crucible have been and gone, with a night in Edinburgh last month, and two night in London this past week. All in all a good experience, but very tiring. I'm part of a bit for a new project with some people from Manchester and Swansea, so we'll see how that goes. I also met a couple of people who I share some research interests with and are very nice to work with, as well as getting to know some folk from Stirling a bit better too. All in all a very good outcome.

One of many!

Spectacular view from Edinburgh hotel window...

... okay, the other window was better.

Another free duck! I got one at Scottish Crucible lab 2 as well.
Lots of this kind of thing! This is a possible project I might work on some time.

The lab last week was hosted in the Digital Catapult Centre in London, which has a spectacular view of St Pancras Station. It's also at 101 Euston Road, so one risks disappearing there!

Also a nice view of other part of London.

That's the centre, the glass bit on top.

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