Sunday 17 September 2017

Back in the 'Boro

This past week I went on another visit to Loughborough, but not at all connected with my past there. I was at the OR59 conference, which is all about Operational Research (arguably another name for the kind of things I do). A different mixture of people to my normal conference crowd and very interesting.

Conference accommodation was the student halls, which are actually pretty nice:

In one of the social events there was a pub quiz, and I ended up on the winning team. I didn't contribute much beyond several bonus points for the connections between answers in each round, but somehow I ended up with the remainder of the team prize, which has obviously been polished off very quickly in our house:

I also had an excuse to get another umbrella, and was able to combine it with my first bit of Loughborough merchandise!

Of course, I also had a quick visit to Civil Engineering for a chat there, and a nice walk through the ever- pretty campus.

In other news, this week I also was in the honouring position of delivering the first proper (that is, with technical content) lecture to the undergraduate CS students. They all looked so keen! I think it went well: it was certainly fun from my end.

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