Saturday 9 December 2017


Christmas is coming and we have 3 very excited children, plus 1 that has caught the excitement off the others! So it's time to get the tree...

Obviously the trip has a few elements of fun besides...

and decoration!

Nicely done.
We've also gone all-out this year and got lights for the front of the house too. Just what I'd like to think are tasteful blue and white ones (no strobing!).

I also had quite a bit of pocket money built up so have invested in some colourful lights in the house. These are "smart" ones so they do all sorts of cool things like switching off by themselves when you go out, and changing colour to more of a sunrise in the morning, Very good for the dark winter! The one on the TV is meant to reduce eye strain too.

Speaking of chilly weather, in the name of space saving we got a new extra tall fridge, but this has left us with something of a surplus of cooling devices. Anybody want one?

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