Saturday 13 January 2018

Christmas 2017

Time for a little catch up on Christmas...

First, the church Christmas party!

There's a stowaway hiding under the table...

Prizes! Our girls were quite successful in their party game playing

This was meant to be a picture of Miriam!
That's better.

Lydia got a present from Santa - a book with the Wheels on the Bus words, but also a track to run a wind up bus around! Brilliant. It also supplanted her Dora The Explorer book as her every night bedtime read.

This is how decorated my office got. Still more festive than last year - thanks to Paul who now sits facing me behind those screens.

Almost no pictures of the school nativity this year as we were sitting right near the back. Two girls in the show this year, both animals in the stable! We got this picture from Miriam's teacher of her dressed as a bird. Naomi was a pig.

Now, ready to go off on holidays...

Having fun at Granny and Grandad's house

Every year the girls get to make their own placemats for dinner. This is Naomi's Nativity one

Miriam went for a classic star.

Making gingerbread men to occupy the waiting time during Christmas Eve

Off to bed soon...

Then presents time!

This is a book, that is also a board game, that is also a pirate ship! Brilliant.

Now off to Grandma and Grandad's house, and lots of cousins too...

What's more, it snowed while we were there. Hooray - lots of excitement for us (Stirling doesn't get much snow) and the girls' cousins who live in London (which doesn't get much snow either!)

I just like this picture.

Fun in the snow... 

We also took the chance of extra childcare to get Naomi a haircut. She has been looking to have a fringe for some time...

Doesn't she look grown up?

Some crafty pictures... 

And lots of trips to the park. That snow is actually ice!
We had a follow on trip with sledging which was brilliant!

Then it was my birthday. Naomi organised the party games, and did an excellent job.

Finally, just some rest before heading home.

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