Saturday 24 March 2018

Week off

Making use of my research-so-not-quite-as-much-teaching job for a few more weeks, this week I took a week off. It's been very busy the past few months and so I wanted a little time around the house with my girls. It started last weekend with a visit with Miriam and Naomi to the Science Fair at the university: they were both very engaged in the various activities. Then most of the week I was around the house with Jay and the younger two, catching up on some odd jobs (now we'll be living in this house for a good long time to come), playing some games, and just resting.

This bit of the science fair was demonstrating a computing problem known as Travelling Salesman Problem, that I sometimes work on. Very pleasing that the girls spent a long time here!

Some proper white coat science action.

Esther getting in on the relaxation business. 
Some fun at the park


The cupcake monster game just goes on and on.

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