Thursday 24 January 2019

My precious, precious Naomi

I have a confession.  This is your birthday letter. The letter I write to each of you fro your birthday but for the first time ever I didn't manage to do it for your birthday, it is currently May and I am just getting to finish it now. You know what? I feel bad, I should have done it before now. I could give you every excuse under the sun, but I won't. I am sorry. Here your letter is, though. You see, I don't not love you or forget about you ever. But sitting down to put words on the page has been hard.  Here goes though, your 8th birthday letter when you are already eight and a quarter.

If I was to try and sum you up, I would do so by saying that you are ALWAYS in motion. You love a wriggle and a jiggle and a climb and a wiggle.  I won't lie. I struggle. Sometimes I want you to sit still. That's my problem though. You are happy when you're moving and the reality is I don't think you could stop even if you wanted to!

You love to spend time with me, and that is such a blessing. I love taking you for a coffee or a walk (even better a walk where we stop at a coffee shop) and knowing all your chat. You've always got something to chat about and life is never dull with you about.

I am loving that you are starting to learn music now. I can see that you are frustrated and that you want to be better NOW. You are learning so much just by learning though. The process is worth it, and I promise that one day you'll get to do more interesting things than Twinkle Twinkle

You are enjoying *so* much getting bigger and being allowed to do "grown up" things. You are very keen on the coke you get occasionally now! And you are loving the freedom of being allowed to go to see your friends without needing to be taken and picked up. I am learning how to give you that freedom and how to cope with you not being my baby any more. We are learning together and it is a process. I think we are doing well.

You love to learn. You love to figure things out. You have an appreciation for learning that must come from your Daddy because at your age I don't think I would have spent quite this long reading the information in a castle.

Naomi, you are child full of joy! You are awesome

This is one of about a million costumes you've designed for your dolls. You are *so* very good at it though. You want to be a designer and I think you'll do it, because sweetheart, you are incredible at it!

Most of all, you like to be close to people. Physically and emotionally. You are present and you are incredible.

I started this letter with a confession and I will end it the same way. You are my eldest, my first. I have NO idea what I am doing and I sometimes fear that I will make all my mistakes with you. So my prayer for you this year, is in many ways a prayer for myself.

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.  (Proverbs 22:6)

I pray that this year, as you gain independence and I become more aware than ever that you are not tiny any more and are growing all the while, that I (along with Daddy) will have given you a good start, so you know which way to turn.

Love you (my) baby girl 

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