Saturday 16 March 2019

More travels

Not quite as exotic just now but work is still seeing me needing to travel quite a lot. All my girls are coping remarkably well with it but it does provide a bit of a strain. Most recently... another trip to London to talk about aircraft (very exciting, a real pilot has been put in a flight simulator to try following instructions generated by some of our software), and lots of travel around Scotland as I'm the academic chair of this year's SICSA PhD Conference. All good stuff - and plenty of time on trains! - but the tiredness imposed by all the travel means I'm moving ever closer to needing a hammock for my office...

On other work-related matters - any academics or other writers out there really need to look at ALCS -  I tentatively put a few of my papers and book chapters on there and just received a very healthy royalty payment. Definitely worth your while!

A far cry from some of my other travel pics...

A stunning view of a Dundee car park, from the University of Dundee.

From my hotel room window in London. This is very near King's Cross. In the distance upper right is the Digital Catapult centre, where I attended a Crucible event a couple of years ago. There also appears to be a UFO.

Same picture in the daytime. Best part: to the right, there are the towers of the Midland Grant Hotel (better known as the font of St Pancras station)

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