Saturday 26 October 2019

A bit of catching up

A few things to catch up on from over the Summer months, seeing as winter is looming...

First, I found a few photos from our Easter holidays!

We get some spectacular sunsets and sunrises around here, but the moon rarely looks this spectacular... 

Lots of paddling pool fun this year...

Miriam also has a bit of design flair

SHOP! What else would we do with a giant box?
(we'll see soon...)

Esther is getting the hang of her balance bike

A rare daytime babysitter allowing a lunch out

Lydia really enjoyed the fire engine at the school fete - especially when they put the lights on for her!

Just about to leave church, I went looking for the girls and found them doing this in the creche. Needless to say we took a little while longer to leave that day.

Miriam made a game for her Grandma to play!

Esther being quite capable of playing on the big girl toys

No comment :)

For some reason Esther wanted to keep the sun off the see saw.

New aprons for all!

some nice sister playing.

Last time at Messy Church the girls made squeezy stress balls using balloons filled with these water ball things. Unfortunately we had a balloon burst...

This was missing for over a month. Very happy when found!

Another use for a box. Lydia wanted to make a surfboard and we had plenty of cardboard left from her new bunk bed, so we now have four very nicely decorated surfboards in the house. A surprisingly popular activity!

Naomi was in the Gang Show again.
She definitely has a performance gift! She did a great job.

Once in a while the older two tidy their bedroom. This is how it can look.

Closeup on Miriam's shelf, which is currently a doll's bedroom.

She gets left for one minute and ends up with pen all over her face. Brilliant.

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