Saturday 23 November 2019

Edinburgh Castle

A few weeks back it was the school October holidays. Alas, I now have teaching commitments that make it hard to take the whole week off (unhelpfully, the University is closed to students the following week), but I did manage to get a day off to do a bit of a day trip. since we got our Historic Scotland cards we've been planning to see Edinburgh Castle, so this is what we did.

We parked at Ingliston and took the tram into the city. This meant the day was bolstered by an exciting tram ride! Based on how that was received, I think we could easily to a day trip involving a ride on the tram there and back then home again, without doing anything else! However, this time we did get off the tram and went up to the castle, and had a thoroughly enjoyable day out. There was a bit of fear in the lead up to the 1 o'clock gun, but even that worked out okay in the end.

Yes, the weather was also spectacular!

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