Sunday 9 February 2020

Naomi is Nine

Despite us having a similar event every year, it's still hard to believe that Naomi is 9!

Straight after Christmas was over we had the extensive buildup of excitement, but in the end we had a thoroughly enjoyable - if tiring - day. This year her birthday fell on a Friday, and started with a home lunch on the Thursday (Friday itself not working for that). Then on to an early morning start on the birthday itself, with presents from the family, and an excited day at school.

Over night we then had an ironically-named sleepover, hosting Naomi's two best friends. Last child was asleep about 20 minutes after midnight! Saturday morning, the party continued with a trip to the cinema to see Frozen 2.

All in all a good time was had, but my little girl isn't so little any more...

We'll be running out of fingers for this soon

Lego remains popular...

Olaf Lego built before school!

The sleepover also featured beauty masks, something I do not understand. 

Emergency coffee after the night before. (this was for the adults)


How was your birthday Naomi?

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