Saturday 30 January 2021


This was, for obvious reasons, the first time the six of us were at home with just us at Christmas. This did mean we could do things in a bit more of a relaxed way: no piling all our stuff into cars, long trips, or any of that - but also no grandparents or cousins or any of those things we look forward to. Jay and I were able to go to a watchnight service for the first time in years as church is all online just now, and we were able to join (still virtually) some of our own church's activities over the holidays.

Santa came to visit some very excited children!

Miriam made a decoration for us

The girls were very excited to have all our presents under the tree. Usually we keep them in a box ready to go in the car for the big trip...

Christmas day involved a lot of virtual family visiting.

Lydia and Esther got some bath foam for their Christmas. Left unattended for about half a minute, they released the whole can!

Esther is really in to puzzles and got some nice new ones.

Thank you letters begin! Home schooling had an additional writing activity...

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