Saturday 7 May 2011


So we're now back in England again. At some point we'll remember to post some pictures from our holiday - it was good to see everyone again and we hope you liked meeting Naomi (of course you did!). Today's something of a daddy-daughter day as Jay's doing some stuff with the women from our church. Of course, coinciding with this was another set of jabs for Naomi so she's a bit out of sorts today - here she is "napping"...

Otherwise the day is going well :) Something else that happening is that she's starting to take an interest in food, watching intently when Jay and I are eating. This also takes the form of putting everything into her mouth, including clothes, hands, mummy's hair, and toys...

Finally, on a non-baby related note - this was the first time I've been eligible to vote and not been in Scotland to do it. We did have local council elections here, but instead of the usual rainbow of parties to choose from in Aberdeen it was either tory or labour. A resounding win for the "meh" vote there (though I did choose one of them in the end). As to the results - obviously as a Scottish nationalist I'm very happy that the SNP have done so well. It's great to see places that have long voted Labour trying something new, and although I'm biased, given the performance over the last four years and positive campaign they did deserve to win. Over my time as a debater I met a number of the newly elected MSPs and on the whole they are good people that will do a great job. I am sorry to see a number of good people lose their seats from the other parties though, and it's a shame the greens and socialists didn't do better as having a wider range of views makes the parliament a better place. The AV referendum result disappoints me, but more because both sides made such a terrible case, and it's now set back PR for years. Of more relevance to most of you, as there's now likely to a be a referendum on Scottish independence I've got a target for moving back to Scotland so I can vote in it!

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