Thursday 19 May 2011

Remembering with fondness

Every morning (or sometimes middle of the night) when Naomi has her first feed of the day her tummy makes this very cool gurgling noise as the milk travels down her digestive system.  While that may (or may not) be worth a blog post in itself, it always reminds me of a very happy childhood memory.

Every year my Auntie Maimie (after whom Naomi is named by way of one her middle names) would go to a conference for missionary type people, she often spoke at the conference about her experiences in The Congo and afterwards my Dad and I would travel down to pick her up and take her back to Keig for a week or so.  I loved these times, there would often be picnics or trips to castles but one of my favourite times was first thing in the morning when I would get out of my bed and go to her room next door and snuggle up to her in bed.

Often my Dad would bring a cup of tea and some biscuits on a tray for my Auntie Maimie to enjoy before getting up, as I recall there was often a wee vase of flowers, the tea was always in a pot though!  Anyway, to get to the point, Auntie Maimie would start drinking the tea and almost without fail there would be a terrible gurgling noise from the depths of her digestive system, not unlike that that Naomi's tummy now makes with her first drink of milk of the day.

Every day on hearing that noise I am transported in my mind to a terrible happy and contented place and I remember a woman who I loved deeply and miss terribly.  It makes me sad to think that Auntie Maimie will have to wait till we are altogether in Heaven to meet Naomi and more to the point that Naomi will have to wait till we are altogether in Heaven to meet Auntie Maimie.  I know that there would have been many wonderful discussions about Jesus and all the reasons Naomi should love Him, and yet they will need to wait.

So, till the next time Naomi's tummy gurgles and I remember, again, those lovely cuddles as a child, I will work on helping Naomi grow up to be someone of whom Auntie Maimie would have been proud.

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