Tuesday 11 October 2011


So, the students are back. Working in a university this is obviously quite a big deal, but in a town like Loughborough (which is in many ways a university with a town attached) it makes a huge difference. I don't remember the place being this busy before the summer, but the place is mad now! Two weeks ago was moving in time, and there were people everywhere.

This is quite well illustrated by my ability to park a bike on a sunny day during the holidays...

Contrasted with a rather less hot day at the end of last week...

Still, I won't complain, the place has got a great amount of life again!

In other news, this week I got to sit in on a class, my first lecture where I wasn't at the front in more than six years. There's a course going this week about building energy, and it was suggested that it might help me to understand the problems I'm working on better. I quite enjoyed it - and was quite suprised by how quickly I got back in to learn-mode. There's two more for me to go to later in the week too; and sandwiched in between them is me giving a talk to the computing people here about my research. A diverse week lies ahead...

Finally, many will be aware of this already, but a couple of weeks ago we received a moving in present. No, we've not moved since last October, and this was indeed ordered in 2010. Here are some flowers that rank among the latest to arrive in existence:

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