Tuesday 13 December 2011


It is advent (in case you hadn't noticed) and we are in the run up to Naomi's first Christmas. Some time ago (while I was still pregnant last year) my Mum came across this and was kind enough to buy it for "the baby".

This year she has also been kind enough to fill each of the little drawers, at my request there is no chocolate in it as I think Naomi is still a wee bit too little for chocolate, so we have experienced many raisins. (Don't think that Naomi is being hard done by, though, she LOVES raisins!

Here she is eating her raisins for the day.

We have developed a post-morning nap ritual of going to the train and seeing what is in it that day and Naomi loves the ritual of it and has now started getting very excited whenever we go near the train, she knows she is going to love the contents :-)

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