Wednesday 16 May 2012


Not a Naomi-related post at all. For many weeks now I've had something of a longing for one of those great pieces of Scottish (or at least North East Scottish) culture, the buttery. For those who don't know, these delightful beasts are a savoury pastry-like product, designed to be high in calories and salt and not prone to going off, to sustain fishermen out at sea. They are incredibly unhealthy, but rather tasty!

Having discussed butteries at work a couple of weeks ago, I was pushed over the edge, and determined to use the plain flour that's been sitting in our cupboard for as long as I can remember on something worthwhile. A quick bit of googling revealed a recipe:

See how much fat there is? That's why they taste good. Unfortunately, though simple, it was time-consuming, so had to wait until the bank holiday for me to do it. (English bank holidays are still taking some getting used to...)

Anyway, here they are about to go in the oven...

Here they are in the oven...

And here's the finished article...

 Of course, the day after these were made, we all had a nasty illness that lasted best part of a week and knocked out appetites for six, so I've only just been able to start eating them. Note to self: make more, they do taste good!

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