Tuesday 29 May 2012


So,it's been jolly warm here the past week or so, and we've had a lot of fun outside enjoying it. On the down side, our house has been something of an oven, which has meant sleep hasn't been so good (for Naomi in particular). Anyway, part of the fun has been with a water table that Naomi has, and here's a clip of a few minutes with her having a good old play. It's quite nice to watch her having a lot of fun! I quite like that she makes puddles to splash in by herself :)

At the weekend there was a barbecue at the shared house some members of our church live in. During this we gave Naomi an ice lolly, and though she really enjoyed it, she was a bit too enthusiastic, taking big bites of it, leading repeatedly to this expression:

I also thought you might enjoy this "classic" child picture of someone really enjoying their dinner...

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