Tuesday 4 September 2012


Every week Sandy and I have date night, having a small child (soon to be two) means that most of these happen in the house, although occasionally we try to get out to a pub or even for a meal!  Date night often consists of a film on DVD (we used to go to the cinema quite a lot but traded that for a lovefilm subscription when Naomi was born) but in order to ring the changes we try and do something a bit different ever so often.  We also find the closer to the birth we get the more likely I am to fall asleep during the film!

One of our favourite alternative activities is to do some baking or cooking together.  Something fattening we wouldn't normally have, then we have the joy of making it together followed by the joy of eating it!

A week or so ago we made some tablet, that brilliant Scottish sweet that is even sweeter that sugar itself!

We started with a kilo of sugar, Sandy felt a photo was required as he wasn't sure he'd ever seen this much sugar used in one recipe!

To this we added a very small amount of milk and a whole can of condensed milk and some vanilla extract.  Yes it was really just sugar with a bit more sugar all boiled up and cooked before being allowed to set.

Here it is the next morning, my grin is slightly moronic because it is first thing in the morning and I haven't made it to the end of my first cup of tea yet! Also, I am very excited as the tablet has worked out really well!

Naomi doesn't get to eat many sweeties, at one I find that raisins are healthier and just as well received but we thought we should let her have a taste of Scotland and on this particular day she had been especially well behaved.  Her face says it all, I think she likes it ;-)

Not long after this she started pulling the strangest face, it took us ages to get a picture of it because it was hard to time pressing the camera button and she kept pointing at the camera, so we have lots of photos that look just like this

Eventually though, our (Sandy's) perseverance paid off and we got this shot...

We'll definitely make the tablet again, although slightly time consuming it was very easy and very tasty!

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