Sunday 2 September 2012

From my heart to yours, again

It is now less than three months till Baby Brownlee II is supposed to arrive (I am still really hoping for a day early so we can achieve the birthdate 10/11/12) as we get nearer the date I am starting to reflect on what the baby will be like.  Will it be clever like Mummy or ridiculously clever like Daddy? Creative like Mummy? Scientific like both of us?

Around the time Naomi was due, I wrote her this letter.  I guess I have been thinking a bit about the things that I would write to this bump, but slightly unexpectedly it has been making me very sentimental for Naomi, again, so here is another letter for her.


You have been with us in the big bad world for over 19 months now and every day you blow me away with just how remarkable you are.  You can do so many things, you can run (and do, all day, every day, never stopping!!), you can dance, you sing gently in a way that soothes my soul.  You spend hours looking at books, mainly looking for pictures of ducks and babies but just content.  You love to play with your dolly and with bags of "shopping" and of course you love going shopping in real life because there are people there and it's hard to describe how much you love people.

Of course, it isn't just what you do that makes you truly remarkable but also who you are.

You are the most caring, gentle (in character, not always in practice!!) child I have ever known.  I love spending time watching you play with your dolly and your teddies, watching you feed them, change their nappies and make sure they are entertained by "reading" to them or providing them with toys to play with.  Of course when you run over and give me or Daddy a hug, that's when we see you at your most caring.  A couple of weeks ago you saw me crying, having a bad day, my heart melted when you came over and wiped away my tears.

I am so excited to see you learn to be a sister, I think you'll be incredible and it will be my honour and privilege to help you when it comes to the finer points of sharing and learning to be affectionate in a way that doesn't cause bruising.

Your inquisitive nature also make me proud.  I might get annoyed when you squish your dinner through your hands but I love watching you work out the world around you.  The way you go about thinking how things work or why they work or how they feel or how they are managing to get away from you help me have a sense of awe of my own surroundings.  I can see it in your eyes, you need to know why things are the way they are, your going to end up being very book smart just like your Daddy, hopefully you'll let me teach you some common sense too.  The two go well together!

If I had to tell someone my greatest achievement it would be that you are so confident.  I have not come across a situation that you couldn't and didn't just throw yourself into.  You love meeting new people or going somewhere new and it makes me proud to be your Mummy.  I love watching you at toddler groups, you give me the odd glance to make sure I'm still there but mainly you go and make friends, muscle in on a story being read or play with the toy kitchen.  Not all toddlers can do that you know? It makes you very special.

There is so much more I could say here but I will stop for now.  You are incredible and I love you.  I still can't believe that when God saw how special you are that He saw fit to gift you to me and your Daddy.  The privilege is all ours.

So glad to know you, Baby Girl!

Love Mummy

Please excuse my hair, Naomi looks too happy not to share!

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