Monday 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday

One of the things I love about England is the mentality that goes with a bank holiday.  Everyone is off together and you can all do fun things together (apart from go to IKEA, Sandy and I made that mistake once, we will never do it again, it was terrible!!)

Here are some photos from our bank holiday weekend, the sun has been shining and we have had a LOT of fun!

On Saturday we have a lovely family walk along the canal, looking at a canal festival with lots of stall and the likes.  Unfortunately neither of us thought to take any videos so you will just have to take our word for it, it really was fun.

Sunday saw us go for a picnic with our church, to some beautiful woods with a blanket of bluebells all around us.

You can see here that it was a brilliant if tiring day.  What you can't see here is that when Naomi fell asleep sitting up, she was sitting next to her sister who was absolutely screaming because Mummy wasn't cooking dinner fast enough!

On Monday, we went for a walk and stopped off at a park on the way home, here is Miriam enjoying the swing

Naomi loves being able to swing next to Miriam

As you can see, we went to the shops and park dressed as a fairy princess

It was such a warm and beautiful day today that we decided to get out the paddling pool, I can confirm it was a massive hit! Thank you to Grandma for buying it for us and for being so patient to see its first use!

Getting ready by putting on our swimming costume

Definitely enjoying it
 It was a fancy paddling pool that you could attach the hose to so it sprays water on you, this feature was much appreciated!

Miriam gets ready to have a go, at her sister's request

Hurry up Miriam!

Miriam did not enjoy it, it was far too cold!

She didn't stay in long!

Much happier bouncing!
In some ways we will be sad to go back to toddler group tomorrow!

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