Sunday 5 May 2013

Ian got married!

About a month ago Ian got married and we've been meaning to tell you all about it ever since!  Here goes!

Disclaimer - on the day itself Sandy was best man and I was in charge of two small children on my own!!  Therefore these photos are largely stolen from friends and family!

Since moving to Loughborough I have realised how much I love the sea, therefore I really appreciated the drive up to Fochabers which had some really beautiful views along the way.

We splashed out and stayed in the wedding hotel (mainly to make things easier with the children)  Here you can see some pre-wedding resting taking place

Not too much though, this photo is blurry because Naomi wanted to parade her pretty dress up and down and just would not stay still!

Here you can see Ian and Sandy with their nephew, all ready for their official roles in the wedding

After the wedding there were some sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee for everyone to enjoy in the church hall (best idea ever!!) and there were even some toys for the children, Miriam was determined to chew on this teething ring (and in her defence, she was teething!!)

Sometimes, though, it all becomes a little overwhelming!

Not for long though, it's important to fit as much being cute into a day as we can.

Here is the picture of only the "immediate" Brownlee family, as you can see the latest wedding makes an already big family bigger!

On to the reception and time for the speeches! Sandy had made his speech lego themed and then found out it was the theme for the whole receptions! Apparently those brothers are quite alike

There was even a Lego themed cake...

Naomi was pretty good throughout the meal, here she is trying on our friend's hat, and why wouldn't you, everyone else was wearing hats.

Here are the happy couple.

And on to the dancing (Sandy and I love a good ceilidh)

A quick picture of Sandy and all his siblings...

Hope you've enjoyed this whistle stop tour of Ian's big day!

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