Wednesday 28 August 2013


We went for a quick walk in the woods at the weekend, at the Carron Valley Forest. Home to a reservoir, it quite scenic and reasonably quiet - especially compared to similar places in the midlands. It's about 10 miles from our house (still half an hour in the car) so I was a little surprised to realise it's in North Lanarkshire! Anyway, we had a nice little walk there with a stop for a cup of tea by the water, though Naomi got in to a bad mood for about half of it and needed carried. She cheered up when we found some outdoor games for her to play, and we succeeded in finding a stick for a toy that Jay's making - so a successful trip all round. Here's a brief set of pictures of the day.

"The view is behind you!"

Arrrghh! Killer ants! Well, not really, but the large numbers of them at our picnic table reminded me of a good SF novel I read once - but can't remember the title or the author. Any ideas, let me know.

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