Tuesday 17 September 2013


 Today Naomi went climbing! She loves climbing on my sofa, on tables, on the climbing frame, on the stairs, anywhere I don't want her to be.  So, when a new friend here in Stirling, Sunniva Anne, said she could take Naomi climbing on a proper climbing wall I thought we should give it a whirl!

Here is how it worked out...

Here us Sunniva showing Naomi the ropes (literally).  To add a bit of fun Naomi had to "rescue" Peppa Pig (she loved this element of the game).

Working out where to put her feet

But with her eyes on the prize

She made it!

How high!?!??

After climbing one needs to eat a snack/lunch and share it with the newly rescued Peppa

Apparently, though, Peppa needed to be in the picture properly

She had an absolute blast and is looking forward to doing it again :-)

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