Saturday 7 September 2013

Goings on and randoms

I have been sorting through the photos on my phone and as a result this post will just be a random set of goings on!!

First, I took Naomi brambling for the first time.  There are some lovely wild blackberry bushes just along from our house by the side of the river.  She had a great time, although now thinks you should be able to eat anything that looks remotely yummy on any bush!

Cat came to stay for a few days, so Sandy and I ceased the chance to go out for a date, just the two of us! We went to a local cafe for a drink (alcoholic) and some pudding.  We were presented with the biggest sweets board I have ever come across, you can see the tables in back ground to give you an idea of scale! Sandy had the lemon posset and I had the chocolate brownie.  It was very yummy indeed!

Here is Miriam eating a daisy.  Like you do!

Here is Naomi trying out her scooter (and helmet) for the first time.  She loves it although I get rather frustrated at the snail's pace we adopt as she regularly forgets to scoot and ends up just walking beside the scooter!

Another new thing for Naomi (and currently to a lesser extent Miriam) a play kitchen from IKEA, the girls had some money sitting they'd been given as gifts and having been reduced in price it finally felt like a good investment.  Naomi loves this toy and also loves pretending to be Katie from "I can cook" on cbeebies.

The next day we went into town and I found a toy washing machine in a charity shop, so I thought Naomi could have it to go in the new kitchen. Naomi loved it so much she held on to it all the way home and all through the buggy-based nap that followed!

Naomi loves doing anything crafty so I let her do some painting while Miriam napped one day,

How do you it is time to stop painting...

When it is all over the lips!

And somehow, despite not being involved in the activity, Miriam ended up blue too!

There is at least one more post to follow, but for now, we will bid you adieu...

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