Saturday 31 January 2015


Naomi's fourth birthday was last weekend. She's been telling everyone for all of the past week now that she's FOUR. This childhood business does pass by quickly!

For the day, we had my parents visiting, my cousin Ashley come over for a wee bit, and Naomi had a bit of a party for her friends Eloisa and Bailey. It was great watching them play together for a couple of hours - Jay had a constant stream of activities planned (somehow fitted into all that time she doesn't have) and they had a great time.

Birthday girl first thing in the morning. Mummy and Daddy are tired due to Miriam having the sickness. This smile makes a lot of things better though.

Lydia is keen to make her congratulations known.

Whoopee! Presents!


I do feel like our house is currently sponsored by Frozen.

Miriam had a bit of a lie-in, but nevertheless was excited when she did get up.

What fun!

More presents!

How's this for beautiful?
Better? Guess what, the dress is MUSICAL...


Yes, Naomi got birthday flowers. She was beyond herself with these.
Cake making

Sculpting continues

and some colouring...

A Frozen themed cake

Ready for a birthday lunch and obligatory musical rights violation...

followed by the cakes made earlier



And some particularly advanced Lego construction. Helped by Ashley, Naomi did a great job of this.
She continues to do well...
Babies enjoyed the party too...

New toothbrush and a new onesie. Bedtime just got awesome.

Naomi has been very good about her recent intake of new clothes, and thought that maybe Miriam would like some of the ones that were now too small. Miriam physically leapt out of the bath when the prospect of getting this nightie came up.

Grandparents visiting means babysitters... time for a hard-earned rest for the end of the day. 

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